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This page is for parents, doctors, or researchers who may know of other people like our son, Milo. If you know of a similar case, please get in touch with us. The more cases we have, the more opportunities we will have to improve our understanding of his condition and facilitate research that can help him and others.

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Milo's Journey

Finding others like our Milo

Milo's primary challenges are global developmental delay and significant hypotonia. He has had surgical repairs for a minor cleft in his soft palate, for ptosis, for C1 stenosis, for a tethered spinal cord and for removal of tonsils/adenoids. He has de novo mutations on the KDM1A and ANKRD11 genes that may be related to these issues, but these genes are not well understood. These mutations, combined with his physical features, suggest that all this may have some connection with KBG syndrome and Kabuki syndrome, but he does not present in a way that is typical of either. Currently, the research suggests that the KDM1A mutation is the crucial causal factor. KDM1A is also referred to as LSD1.

More details of his history, symptoms, and test results, described here as well as pictures at different ages to facilitate identification of similar cases.

Milo has been featured in NPR's health blog and in an article in the Seattle Times.

Medical professionals may wish to refer directly to the scientific research on his genetic differences published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics, Genetics in Medicine, and in Human Molecular Genetics.

What the"Milo's Journey" site is for

We put this page up to help us find other people like Milo.  Finding more children with similar mutations or similar symptoms (phenotype) will make it easier for us and the doctors to understand what is happening to him and how we can best help him. And together help us all. [read more...]